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A day at Harbourfront Centre

Dragon_KnightToday we spent the whole day at a The Toronto International Circus Festival at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON. It was great to see so many talented people. Our boys were lucky to get a special treatment from "Balloon Master". She have created in few minutes costume of "Dragon" for older son and "Knight" for his little brother. Thank you very much whoever you are. The real "mind twister" for adults was a "The Rice Show". They present "The Americas" show. On a show you see a piles of rice grains. Each grain represents one person that belongs to this group. For me most notable were following groups: - The Population of Canada (30+ million grains); - The Population of USA (300+ million grains); - McDonald's customers in the world each day in 2008; - Canadian People Registered as Clinically Obese, 2007; - Employees of Apple Computers; - Billionaires in the World (1986, 2008, 2009); - Millionaires in the World; - People on the US Terror Suspect List (2003, 2008). Here are couple pictures that really shocked me: McDonalds_riceobese_rice

You can read more about "TheRiceShow" here. The Toronto Circus Festival will continue tomorrow (May 17th) and on Monday (May 18th). Come out and enjoy your time there. Even if it rains they have lots of activities inside. Marina Mironov


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