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How to make a therapy swing or platform swing

[caption id="attachment_30" align="aligncenter" width="283" caption="Platform Therapy Swing"]Platform Therapy Swing[/caption] One of our customers bought Currambera hammock and she was asking for an advice how to make a platform therapy swing. I spent an hour today (not counting a trip to the Home Depot) and created a therapy swing. It turned out to be very easy. My kids enjoyed it very much and I am happy to share it with you.


Step #1 cut plywood plywood bar code Trip to a hardware store. We went to the Home Depot and bought a piece of poplar plywood 7/16"x24"x48". We asked to cut the board to 24"x36" (they will do it for free). *Currambera hammock can easily fit a bigger board up to 3'3"x3'3" **You can substitute poplar plywood with other materials, just make sure it is strong enough to hold jumping kids
Step #2 cover edges with duct tape Duct tape. I put duct tape over edges. It smoothed the edges a bit. *It might not be necessary if you use thick material for cover.
Step #3 natural cotton A cover for the board. When I was expecting my first child I bought natural cotton batting, that I planned to use for making baby blankets, but never got around it. This was the perfect opportunity to put it into use. I cut a 2-layered piece 4'3"x3'3". *You can use an old baby blanket, fleece etc.
Step #4 plywood bag I sewed a bag on my old sewing machine. The size is a bit larger than a board therefore I can easy slide it on or take it of to wash. Or I can insert extra material inside to make the sitting softer.
Step #5 velcro For an open end I used velcro to keep it closed.
You can insert board both ways: therapy swing wide version therapy swing long version You can read more information about Therapy Gym here. Marina Mironov


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