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Swing Set Accessories Giveaway

The Opinionated Parent DreamGYM is offering the opportunity to win a Disk Swing, Gym Rings and Trapeze bar/Gym rings Combo (an $89.91 value) to the readers of a great blog The Opinionated Parent to one randomly selected winner. To enter, pay a visit to the DreamGYM Inc. site and go to The Opinionated Parent Blog to comment with what other items not mentioned in this review that you would love to have in your home. Contest closes at noon mst on March 25, 2009! Children build core body strength while riding on the swinging disk. Swinging stimulates body and brain development. Children love the motion of swings; it translates into feelings of falling and flying - sensations that trigger imagination.


Gym Rings rotate freely making exercise more challenging. It is a great exercise for hands, fingers and arms. Rings provide an opportunity to develop upper body strength, and perfect balance. Kids just love to pretend that they are famous circus acrobats or Olympic gymnasts. Don’t forget to applaud them when they show you a new move.


The trapeze bar and gym rings combo offers all the benefits that each one provides alone. The rings do not move freely during exercises, making it easier to turn a somersault. The combo encourages children to practice and develop their gymnastic abilities.


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