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Our customers asked us if there is a way to stop kids sneaking to play on our jungle gyms without adult supervision. Especially climbing on monkey bars, since it is the highest point from where kids can fall. First of all, all jungle gym accessories attach by simple-to-use quick links, therefore when no adult supervision available, simply remove all accessories until new use. For vertical ladder you can use a board that can be made by yourself or ordered from DreamGYM Inc. along with your jungle gym or therapy gym. We have created a safety board and tested it on...

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[caption id="attachment_30" align="aligncenter" width="283" caption="Platform Therapy Swing"][/caption] One of our customers bought Currambera hammock and she was asking for an advice how to make a platform therapy swing. I spent an hour today (not counting a trip to the Home Depot) and created a therapy swing. It turned out to be very easy. My kids enjoyed it very much and I am happy to share it with you.   Step #1 Trip to a hardware store. We went to the Home Depot and bought a piece of poplar plywood 7/16"x24"x48". We asked to cut the board to 24"x36" (they will...

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