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Safety is Very Important

Hammock swing safety When setting up your hammock/swing remember that safety is your #1 priority! I honestly can’t stress this enough it is incredibly important! In an article I recently came across I learnt that a girl was playing in a hammock when the dead tree that the hammock was attached to fell on her resulting in death. Also, don’t always depend on the fact that you chose a strong, healthy tree because if you didn’t properly tighten the hammock/swing it won’t be much better than a dead tree. ambulance If you have kids that enjoy using your hammock/swing remember to always have a trusted adult supervising them. In another article I recently came upon there was another tragic death due to a swing or hammock where another child was playing unsupervised when he accidentally hung himself and by the time help came around he was in critical condition and needed to be flown to the hospital which still ended fatally. These events are truly heartbreaking as these children who passed away at such a young age from causes that could’ve been prevented will never be seen by their families again. Hammocks and swings are fun but it can end badly if safety precautions are not followed. Follow these simple steps to prevent injuries: - Carefully inspect trees, branches, etc… that you plan on hanging your hammock/swing on for anything that might endanger your safety (ex. Dead branches) - Read safety instructions. Remember they are not there to waste your time but they are to ensure your time doesn’t go to waste. Always remember to follow them carefully. - Secure your hammock/swing well and enjoy!


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