Currambera Hammock

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The most original and popular form of Latin American hammocks Currambera hammock is a great family hammock. Perfect inside the house and outdoors, for singles, couples and families. Parents can relax on a lazy afternoon, siblings can play together, a parent can read a book to children. Everyone will enjoy Currambera hammock.

Currambera family hammocks are made in Columbia by craftsmen who use 100% pure long-fibred cotton and traditional production methods. The hammocks are colourfast and machine washable. Extremely comfortable the Currambera hammocks can be hung from walls, trees or on a hammock stand.

– Cloth surface: 200—140 cm (6’7″—4’7″)
– Total length: 300 cm (9’10”)
– Carrying capacity: 120 kg (260lbs)
– Product weight: 1.6 kg (3.5lbs)
– Pure cotton
– Available in 4 colors: cherry, blueberry, kiwi and apricot

Hammocks are gaining increased popularity as physical therapy tools. Rocking and swaying under the guidance of a therapist helps to develop a sense of balance, treat motor deficiencies and perception troubles. The use of hammocks is also proving successful in children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. Autistic persons benefit from the cerebral stimulation achieved through the swinging and spinning motions. Actually it benefits non-autistic people as well, since it is proven to increase focus and concentration.