Xlarge Trapeze Bar and Rings Combo

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This extra large, extra durable, extra colorful trapeze bar and rings combo will be a great addition to any outdoor swing set or indoor jungle gym. The combo includes a 1 ¼ “diameter galvanized steel powder coated trapeze bar (2 feet long) with plastic triangular rings. It has  2 ½ feet of 3/16” powder coated zinc proof coil chain attached to the bar.

The trapeze bar and rings combo offers all the benefits that each one provides alone. The rings do not move freely during exercises, making it easier to turn a somersault. The combo encourages children to practice and develop their gymnastic abilities.

Please NOTE: the trapeze bar included in this combo is longer than our regular wooden trapeze bar, therefore it is not suitable for the doorway swing.

This trapeze bar combo comes in 4 bright colours: red, bluegreen and yellow.