IRI Rainbow Hammock Chair for Children

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IRI Rainbow Hammock Chair for children will soon become your child's favourite seat in the house. A swing and a chair in one it is a perfect place for a bit of relaxation, some light reading or just hanging out.

Our rainbow hammock chair is made from pure, highest-quality, non-recycled cotton: hard-wearing and fuzz-free. It is made in Colombia, where hammocks enjoy an important place in the cultural heritage.

With a natural and sensibly harvested bamboo spreader and an integrated safety swivel, this hammock chair is durable and built to last for years. The cheerful colours will brighten up any decor and stimulate children's imaginations.

While relaxing and having fun in their hammock, children receive vestibular input, which is beneficial for increasing body awareness and spatial sense. Swinging and spinning provide beneficial sensory therapy which helps children calm themselves and focus better afterwards.

- Cloth surface: 110cmX155cm (43"X61")
- Length of rod: 70cm (28")
- Carrying capacity: 80kg (176lbs)