Lori Hammock Chair for Children

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Hammock chair for children LORI is designed for the ages 3 - 9 for playing, reading and dreaming. It is made of pure, highest-quality cotton from organic production in Colombia, where hammocks have always been part of the cultural heritage. LORI received its name in honour of the parrot that is as colourful as it is happy. Lori hammock chair comes in 2 bright colors: froggy (green) and lilly (purple).

The soft swinging promotes your child’s sense of balance as well as the general development. Federal German Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG) has recommended La Siesta hammock chairs for children.

The hammock chair Lori can be suspended from ceilings, beams and branches (a minimum height of 160 cm is recommended). Naturally, the hammock chair can also be expanded by means of a rope. La Siesta hammock chairs provide an integrated safety swivel, which makes the product more robust and ensures a safe turning and rotating in the chair. Doubled weft threads provide a high degree of tearproofness for the selvedge. The spreader bars are made of wood from well-managed forests (FSC®).