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Doorway Swings

Perfect solution for any space - big or small!
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The perfect refuge for anybody from kids to adults!

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Womb-like safety and comfort!

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Rain, snow or shine - be active all the time!

DreamGYM Inc. is a family-owned Canadian business founded in 2007. 

Our products will allow your children to stay physically active all year round! Your children will have a blast climbing ladders, swinging on a trapeze bar, doing flips on gym rings or relaxing in sensory swings in the comfort of their homes. Parents will appreciate the ability of our swings to calm down overwhelmed youngsters on the verge of a meltdown.



What does a sensory swing do?

The sensory swing is a very simple device; the four-way, stretchable fabric gently squishes the person using it and provides...
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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day 2021 is celebrated in Canada and the USA on Sunday, May 9th. Many of us will be celebrating remotely...
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What is a Sensory Swing?

Most sensory swings are made from a durable, stretchable fabric. The full body compression of this fabric mimics the feeling of a tight hug or being wrapped in a cocoon and provides womb-like safety and comfort.
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