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Cuddle Swing

Cuddle Swing
Cuddle SwingThe Cuddle Swing has arrived this week.  My children and their friends were happy to test it and they loved it. It is made of high quality stretching fabric (92% cotton and 8% lycra) and has soft, natural feel. The cuddle swing gives children experience of being in a cocoon providing womb-like safety and comfort. The Cuddle Swing is also recommended by occupational therapists for children with autism to help stimulate child's vestibular system, and to give deep touch pressure. Cuddle swing has a four-way stretch and you will not get bagging in highly stressed areas.  The swing provides many opportunities for children, they can swing, spin, bounce or just relax. You can hang it outside on a thick tree brunch or inside from the ceiling or in a doorway (Note: if you are going to use this cuddle swing in a doorway, attach it in two places to minimize bumping into a door frame). After a day of playing outside and kids popping into the cuddle swing without taking shoes off it needed to be washed. So we washed it in a machine and it again looked like brand new. The swing is machine washable.  Machine drying is acceptable, but as with all cotton fabrics, it is recommended to hang for drying. The maximum weight capacity is 80 lbs (35 kg). It comes with two rope pieces and a spring clip for easy attachment. The cuddle swing is available in four colors: navy blue, red, green, lavender. My children really enjoyed it and I am sure your family will enjoy it too.


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