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Doorway Swing

Doorway Swing - Installed right in a door frame - A boy is using a trapeze bar and rings combo attached to a swing support bar.

We have added a new product to our online store - Doorway Swing - every child's dream. This indoor swing is a great solution for a home where there is either not enough space for an indoor jungle gym, or our solutions for small spaces do not work due to installation difficulties. Most places have a doorway that can be turned into Doorway Swing or Mini Jungle Gym.

DreamGYM Doorway Swing kit includes: a chrome plated support bar. The weight capacity for the bar is 220 lbs (100 kgs), therefore parents can exercise too. It adjusts to fit most standard width door frames from 26" to 36". The Doorway Swing kit also includes mounting hardware, two hanging straps and two spring clips to make switching different accessories easier. We also included a trapeze bar with rings, because it is one of the favorite swing set accessories. Children can somersault, swing, twist. You can hang many other accessories, such as: sensory swing, rope ladder, gym rings, sensory swing, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: do not use disk swing or any other accessory that rotates freely to avoid bumping into door frame. 


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