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DreamGYM Brings Christmas Cheer to Ontario Family

Indoor jungle gym custom built by DreamGYM Inc. in the basement, there is a family of 5: mom, dad, a boy and two girls.

Christmas is a time of giving and DreamGYM made one special family’s holiday season a little bit brighter by donating and installing a high quality indoor jungle gym. The Kirby-McIntosh family of Concord, Ontario, are the proud new owners of a DreamGYM indoor jungle gym for their two children, one of whom is autistic. The DreamGYM jungle gym will provide numerous benefits to 8 year-old Clifford who is autistic, by burning off excess energy and helping him to focus his attention on a specific task. Upon trying the gym for the first time, Clifford said “You are the best people who ever came to our house!”. His six year-old sister Claire will also reap countless benefits, including an improved fitness level and agility. DreamGYM produces high quality indoor jungle gyms, made locally in Ontario, Canada out of solid wood and non-toxic finishes. The gyms can be used for both recreational and therapy purposes for children 3-10 years old. 

Home gym for kids installed in the basement. There are three kids playing on the jungle gym and mom and dad are supervising them.


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