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Exercise and Learning

Exercise and Learning

For many kids and parents, the return to school can trigger anxiety over marks and performance. If the child has a diagnosed learning disability, the anxiety can be even greater. While children with learning disabilities require a complex care system in the home and school to help them succeed, studies reveal over and over the critical role simple exercise can play in improving learning outcomes.

Our doorway swings can provide an accessible outlet for a quick exercise break during homework, for a quick burst of oxygen flow to the brain and a boost of endorphins. Children who are starting to fidget and lose focus as they’re doing their work can hop away from their desk, do a few flips on the rings or the swing or a couple chin-ups on the bar and then return to their homework re-focused and ready to continue.

Could your child benefit from having a mini-gym in their room while he or she does their homework? We are betting that the answer is “definitely”.



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