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Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy Food for Kids

There is a lot of work that goes into raising happy and healthy children.

Parents/caregivers need to provide so many opportunities for children to reach their fullest development potential. There are many, but some simple, key aspects include nutrition and physical activity.

Healthy habits with food preferences at an early age mean healthy babies, healthy children, teenagers and ultimately adults.

Research now indicates an interconnectivity between diet, gut bacteria, mood and behaviour. Meaning, that a good balanced diet can affect the whole body. We often hear the phrase now, that the gut is the 2nd brain, and that there is communication between the gut and the brain, and vice versa.

In particular, children who have allergies, food sensitivities, learning disabilities and leaky gut syndromes, means the diet can be an easy starting point. Put it this way, if there could be possible or noticeable differences in a child’s symptoms or behaviour, then a healthy, clean diet is absolutely worth trying.

The most common allergies for children are dairy products, followed by gluten. Both of which have their arguments for and against. However, the recommendations are simple for children to have a diet that is

⬇️  Dairy

⬇️ Gluten

⬇️ Sugar

⬇️ Refined processed foods

⬇️ Preservatives

⬇️ Additives

Clean eating with small, nutrient dense meals with fruit and vegetables is key.

To keep the gut healthy, probiotic and prebiotics can be found naturally in some foods. Probiotics are live bacteria for the gut and prebiotics feed those good, gut bacteria.

Naturally occurring probiotics include sauerkraut, kefir, miso, kimchi, sourdough bread, tempeh and other naturally fermented products.

Prebiotics include asparagus, bananas, oatmeal, honey, maple syrup and legumes.

We have become a society so dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, that we forget that perhaps all our answers could be provided by nature and what the earth provides us with.



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