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What is Indoor Jungle Gym?

What is Indoor Jungle Gym?
Playground in Winter

Imagine: A sunny summer Sunday morning. You woke up full of energy and plan to spend time with your kids in a park on a playground enjoying every single moment of it. But by the time you are ready to get out, the weather is starting to change and promising sunny day becomes rainy reality. Kids are upset because they wanted to spend time there. Yes, it is a small structure, but kids just love swinging, climbing, sliding, etc. You feel stuck at home. You have to wait for rain to stop and for a playground to dry out. And not too many options are available for kids to be active at home, unless you turned your living room into bouncing castle. In winter it is getting even worse. It would be great to spend all time outside tobogganing, skiing, skating, but the reality is we have too few days good for a play outside. There is always something: freezing rain, extreme cold alert, heavy snowfall, wind-chill, etc.

And while you watch how your kids using your living as a gymnasium, you might think that you have no choice, this is life. But here is an idea. You can have your own indoor playground inside your house. There are so many options! You can convert your whole basement or spare bedroom into a custom jungle gym with climbing wall, monkey bars, sliding pole and hammocks for little pirates. Or you may choose to install a small gym in kids’ room.

But if you think you don’t have enough space, don’t get discouraged! There are some options that we can offer that won’t take up a lot of space. You can mount a vertical ladder (wall bars), rock climbing wall, or a vertical climber with a rope (ship ladder) on a single wall. You can also install a swing in your doorway


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