Rope Ladder

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Rope Ladder engages the entire body, developing strength and coordination. It offers plenty of play value and fun. Kids love to pretend that they are pirates, sailors, rescuers or firefighters.

  • Hardwood rungs treated with copper based product.
  • Diameter 35 mm (1.4″); length 40 cm (1’4″). Ideal for 3m (9’10”) tree or frame.
  • 12mm diameter ‘soft’ poly hemp ropes with black polypropylene welds
  • Distance between the rungs 35 cm (1’2″); the rope length on top varies
  • Rings and lipped eights in galvanized steel.

Rope ladder is a great tool for gross motor planning activities. It can be used for symmetrical bilateral integration when both sides of the body are performing the same action and mirroring each. For balancing activities put the rope ladder on a floor and have a child to step over rungs.