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How to hang a sensory swing outside

A girl is resting in a sensory swing hanged between two trees on a beach

All the things we love about summer—the warm sand, gentle waves, and endless sunshine - the summer vibes are here to stay. So if you plan to go camping or spend a day on a beach, don’t forget to take a sensory swing on your trip; it will be a special place for children to play, rest and daydream. 

To hang the sensory swing outside, follow these easy steps:

  1. Find two strong trees 3-5 feet apart;
  2. Tie the rope around each tree trunk;
  3. Wrap two pieces of rope around the sensory swing, about 1-2 feet apart;
  4. Connect ropes on the sensory swing with the ropes on the tree trunks with snap links. 

You can adjust the height of the swing by moving ropes up and down, closer or further apart.

The sensory swing will provide children with sensory stimulation and an enjoyable place to just hang out.

A girl is enjoying a sensory swing installed between two trees.


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