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Sensory Swings as a Gift Idea for Autistic Children

A boy is in a red sensory swing near a christmas tree.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for an autistic child, you might want to consider sensory swings. At DreamGYM, we offer a wide variety of sensory swings suitable for children of all ages. Our swings provide numerous benefits that can help sensory-seeking children find comfort and calmness...

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Sensory Swing Uses

Sensory Swing Uses
The sensory swing is a great way to bring occupational therapy into your home. It's designed to be versatile so the user can get creative about how they use it. We've showcased a few ways of using it to give you some inspiration.
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How to hang a sensory swing outside

A girl is resting in a sensory swing hanged between two trees on a beach
All the things we love about summer—the warm sand, gentle waves, and endless sunshine - the summer vibes are here to stay. So if you plan to go camping or spend a day on a beach, don’t forget to take a sensory swing on your trip; it will be a special place for children to play, rest and daydream.
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What does a sensory swing do?

An image for the post "What does a sensory swing do?" there is a red sensory swing with a child inside reading a book. The sensory swing is installed in the kids room there are toys and a dresser

The sensory swing is a very simple device; the four-way, stretchable fabric gently squishes the person using it and provides full body compression. The deep touch pressure is great for winding down an overtired or hyperactive child. If added to a child’s evening routine, it may even help them fall...

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What is a Sensory Swing?

Sensory Swing for a child, compression swing in blue colour
Most sensory swings are made from a durable, stretchable fabric. The full body compression of this fabric mimics the feeling of a tight hug or being wrapped in a cocoon and provides womb-like safety and comfort.
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