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What does a sensory swing do?

An image for the post "What does a sensory swing do?" there is a red sensory swing with a child inside reading a book. The sensory swing is installed in the kids room there are toys and a dresser

The sensory swing is a very simple device; the four-way, stretchable fabric gently squishes the person using it and provides full body compression. The deep touch pressure is great for winding down an overtired or hyperactive child. If added to a child’s evening routine, it may even help them fall asleep faster.

By rocking back and forth, side to side, or up and down, the sensory swing helps stimulate the vestibular system and can be beneficial for children with autism.

The sensory swing is also a ton of fun. Children can spend hours bouncing up and down, flying like an airplane, or going round and around in circles. Not only are children enjoying themselves on the swing, they are also increasing their spatial awareness and developing their gross and fine motor skills. Physical play can also strengthen core muscles as well as improve balance and coordination.


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