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What does a sensory swing do?

An image for the post "What does a sensory swing do?" there is a red sensory swing with a child inside reading a book. The sensory swing is installed in the kids room there are toys and a dresser

The sensory swing is a very simple device; the four-way, stretchable fabric gently squishes the person using it and provides full body compression. The deep touch pressure is great for winding down an overtired or hyperactive child. If added to a child’s evening routine, it may even help them fall...

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day gift idea - Hammock Swing - Mother and daughter are in a blue net swing together

Mother’s Day 2021 is celebrated in Canada and the USA on Sunday, May 9th. Many of us will be celebrating remotely or shopping online to send that perfect appreciation gift in the mail. Why not celebrate that special lady in your life with useful, thoughtful gift ideas from DreamGym. To honour...

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What is a Sensory Swing?

Sensory Swing for a child, compression swing in blue colour
Most sensory swings are made from a durable, stretchable fabric. The full body compression of this fabric mimics the feeling of a tight hug or being wrapped in a cocoon and provides womb-like safety and comfort.
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Autism Swing - Sensory Therapy Swing

Autism Swing - Sensory Therapy Swing

Sensory Therapy Swing is a fantastic swing for autism. Swinging is beneficial to all children, but those with autism and sensory issues typically enjoy repetitive behaviour such as swinging, spinning and rocking. It is a way for them to calm down and feel “grounded”, it helps to settle their brains...

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