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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day gift idea - Hammock Swing - Mother and daughter are in a blue net swing together

Mother’s Day 2021 is celebrated in Canada and the USA on Sunday, May 9th. Many of us will be celebrating remotely or shopping online to send that perfect appreciation gift in the mail. Why not celebrate that special lady in your life with useful, thoughtful gift ideas from DreamGym. To honour motherhood, whether she be your Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Wife, or special figure in your life, DreamGym products give that unique experience that shows you care.

Mothers Day gift Idea - sensory swing - a happy woman enjoying the gentle hug of the red sensory swing

Every Mother or mother figure deserves to relax, DreamGYM Sensory swing allows her mind to take a break and enjoy the calming swinging motion, while the pleasant body compression helps alleviate stress and anxiety that can be used every day. The fabric provides a soft and comfortable texture that is cozy and inviting for deep relaxation. Lie back to stretch out tight muscles or recline into a full-body hammock swing, DreamGYM is a happy place for all ages.

Mothers day gift idea - a woman is enjoying a hammock swing

Why not spoil Mom or treat yourself this Mother’s day to the DreamGYM Therapy Net Swing, handmade with handwoven yarns. Entwine yourself in the beautiful coloured weaves while watching your favourite movie, reading a book, on your phone, or at a moment’s peace.

This is the perfect place for mom and her beloved grandchild, son, or daughter to spend time together too. The Therapy Net Swing wraps around you both and becomes the ideal spot to enjoy the gentle swinging motion that helps you both feel more at ease. The Net swing can easily accommodate up to 220lbs (100kgs).

This special day is celebrated for you too, order with code ‘MOM2021’ to save 15% on our Mothers day gifts.


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