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Sensory swing for anti-gravity yoga

Anti-gravity yoga
Kids antigravity yoga

A new type of yoga is sweeping studios all over North America. As a fan of traditional yoga, this made me excited and surprised for two reasons: first of all- doesn’t it look fun? And second, the hammock they use looks uncannily like our very own sensory swing!

The sensory swing has many benefits. It is a valuable therapy tool for children with sensory issues or on the autism spectrum, because the swing’s cocoon-like feel provides a soothing environment for children who have trouble with over-stimulation. Swinging in the cuddle swing makes a great wind-down tool for an over-tired and hyper child in need of some rest.

Learning about the anti-gravity yoga made me wonder if some of the exercises could be tried at home on the cuddle swing by adults or even children. Of course children should be directly supervised at all times and exercising should be done in a room clear of obstacles and clutter surrounding the swing area. People who have never been to an anti-gravity yoga class should not attempt these exercises at home. The relaxing combination of both yoga and the cuddle swing together could create up a whole new meaning of down time after a busy day at work and school. Look for anti-gravity yoga at your local health club today.  And then, why not try to do some of the moves right at home on your very own sensory swing!


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