Autism Swing - Sensory Therapy Swing

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Autism Swing - Sensory Therapy Swing

Sensory therapy swingSensory Therapy Swing is a fantastic autism swing. Swinging is beneficial to all children, but those with autism and sensory issues typically enjoy repetitive behavior such as swinging, spinning and rocking. It is a way for them to calm down and feel “grounded”, it helps to settle their brains so that they can focus a bit better. The cause of sensory issues is disconnection between the brain and the sensory receptors. Swinging as well as other repetitive behaviours triggers those receptors, and helps recreate those connections in the brain. 

Sensory Therapy Swing can stimulate child’s vestibular system, and provide deep touch pressure. It calms a child immediately, eliminating  panic attacks, hand flapping and anxiety. A sensory swing is recommended by occupational therapists since it can provide variety of sensations: swinging, rocking, bouncing, spinning and deep touch pressure, therefore it can be one of the best items you buy for a child with autism.


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