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As the Santa Claus Parade marched through Toronto's streets today, the time came to think about Christmas gifts for kids. Our doorway swing will delight any child. It is compact enough to put it under the tree but the amount of joy it will bring is endless. The doorway swing comes with a trapeze bar and rings combo and can be set up in minutes. You can even put the swing up before kids wake up and they will think that Santa did it. You might not want Santa Clause to take all the credit, but I think it is fantastic when kids...

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We have added a new product to our online store - Doorway Swing - every child's dream. This indoor swing is a great solution for a home where there is either not enough space for an indoor jungle gym, or our solutions for small spaces do not work due to installation difficulties. Most places have a doorway that can be turned into Doorway Swing or Mini Jungle Gym. DreamGYM Doorway Swing kit includes: a chrome plated support bar with padded grips. The weight capacity for the bar is 210 lbs, therefore parents can exercise too. It adjusts to fit most...

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