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Protective surfacing is intended to cushion falls and prevent serious injuries from any children gym used indoors and outdoors. The amount of a consistent type of surfacing required is based on the critical height or fall height of the equipment, which is the height of the highest designated play surface on the equipment.  Common indoor surfaces (such as rugs, tumbling mates, or carpet) are not adequate cushioning for gross motor equipment with a fall height greater than 18 inches even. The following information has been extracted from the website (section “For Parents – Safety Information by Topic – Playground...

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There are so many products and ideas to decorate a room for a newborn baby. Many parents spent months creating a perfect nursery room before the baby is born. And what happens when kids get older? Many of us are just caught in a cycle of shopping for more and more storage for toys. And in time gorgeous nursery rooms transform into huge toy chests. But if we look around there are plenty of products on market that can help us to create beautiful and functional kids' rooms. If your kids' room is big enough, you can install DreamGYM Indoor...

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